The game of Go, by Borges

Today, the ninth of September of 1978,
I had in the palm of my hand one small disc
of the three hundred sixty-one that are needed
for the astrologic game of Go,
that other chess of the East.

It is older than the oldest writing
and the board is a map of the universe.

Its black and white variations
will exhaust time.

Men can be lost in it
as in love and day.

Today, the ninth of September of 1978,
I, myself, who am ignorant of so many things,
know that I do not know one more,
and I thank my poetic inspiration
for this revelation of a labyrinth
which will never be mine.

Jorge Luis Borges

My Go rank evolution at KGS

I'm a fan of the game of Go. This is a fascinating game: I recommend it to any person interested in "brain" games. It could be addictive, and it deserves more than a look. You can find more information about rules and game in general at:


In these Internet days, we can play Go in the net. One of the more visited servers is KGS:


Playing games, you obtain a rank. In Go, rank begins at 30 kyu, ascending to 1 kyu, and then, 1 dan to 9 dan (amateur and professional). I'm a 10 kyu. You can see my evolution in this graph:

I must improve my game skills. I have to gain more sense of danger, management of balance (territory, influence), view the direction of play, know how to reduce and how to invade, understand josekis and fusekis (openings), and train reading tesujis (tactical problems).

As a software developer, I'm working on a Go program. The creation of a computer go software is one of the hardests problems in artificial intelligence game programming. It's a big challenge. More info about these topic at:


Angel "Java" Lopez