General posts


Hi people!

My name is Angel "Java" Lopez, and I'm from Argentina, South America. English is not my mother tongue, so I need to learn and practice that language. I'm a software developer, and usually, I  read a lot of books, manuals, magazines and web pages written in English.

This blog has a purpose: to post my thoughts, ideas, and comments, in English. One of the topics will be English language: grammar, history, curiosities, problems and web resources. Actually, I have a blog written in English, but it's dedicated only to articles about software development.

My personal site is (in Spanish) but now I'm traslating some page to English, you can see the partial result at

That's all, folks. My plan is to write an article once a week, about English as as Second Language, some ideas, books, or everything else.

Angel "Java" Lopez